Measure twice, cut once

I finished selecting the photos that will be part of the sequence of TAP. Most of the project is completed. Incredibly hard job to be objective and subjective at the same time. Incredibly hard to do it all by yourself, even if you are very focused on what you have to say. Thank God for friends and good valuable feedback. Things change, evolve, become better after applying valuable feedback; of course this happened in this case too, even if it's not very easy to do the extra steps needed. First time ever in…Read more

All that

To take my mind of the bad things that's been pouring out lately I've started editing an old project of mine. Because most probably, at the end of all days, at the end of all things, at the end of me all that will remain will be a few memories and a few photos. #TAP #augustRead more

Remarkable Rivers Dark

There was a time when I was happy in sharing my photos. I am still happy sharing photos but now I tend to limit the audience. It's not a whim; it might seem oddly elitist but the audience seems less and less interesting. You know those bad photographers who say they are taking photos just for themselves to actually cover up how bad their photos really are? There is a small truth particle in there. I borrowed a small photo printer and started to print photos from a project I've been working for…Read more

Paul Musescu – s1xte6n

About two years ago I was preparing for another meeting with "Clasa de Fotografie" in the old Allkimik attic. I went to get a coffee from Alex at the bar and I saw a weird looking fellow, about 2 meters high with a huge metal camera in his hand. Nothing strange so far except the guy was very young. Usually you don’t expect someone young to shoot film on such old cameras. So I asked if he actually shoots with that camera and what was his age. We started talking. He asked about the meeting we…Read more