Albert Vrabiuta – DACIA 50 Autoturismul

Well well well, this is one blog post that almost didn't happen. The story starts about three years ago in a photo class I organized. Talking about books and photo series, the discussions led from street-photography to long time projects. I think it started with Vivi Maier and here duck-face selfies photobooks. I cannot remember quite well but generally the topic floated around the idea that you cannot work on long term projects you do not love. There was this guy with a street shot with a lady standing on one leg looking like she stepped…Read more

Back to black (and some white)

I while ago Cristina Garlesteanu introduced me to Razvan Bulus (RGB Photography) who wanted to do an anniversary photo album called "Inapoi la Alb si Negru" with photos from the Back to White and Black group. More into the fine-art type of photography, lowkey, highkey and tea. And black. The cover was designed by Monica Patrascoiu, the sequence, post-processing and texts by Razvan and each photographer, proofreading and communication was done by Andreea Doria Petre. The concept was proposed by yours truly. Masterprint was the place to print. It was a real challenge to…Read more

Do cats eat DOG FOOD?

A few years ago I browsed through "Wonderland". Not the weed-related place of dreams but Jason Eskenazi's photobook. It was in a bookcase amongst other books but it didn't catch my eye, despite the crazy violet cover. The owner of the bookcase insisted, I browsed it and was immediately hooked on how powerful the photos were. A combination of classic street photography with a dash of modern times, all on film, with grain and all that. Loved every second of it. Except the cover. Of course I wanted to buy it but unfortunately it is out of…Read more


This post should be in a category called: Better late than never. Basically this post should have happened years ago. One of the reasons why it never happened is due to the fact that I haven't got much to say about it (= the project) myself, because things worked out very smoothly. A great project and documentation, a labor of love, great photos and powerful message. A project backed-up by the photographer with great stories outside of the book perimeter. That kind of a project where nothing else can be really said about…Read more
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