This post should be in a category called: Better late than never. Basically this post should have happened years ago. One of the reasons why it never happened is due to the fact that I haven't got much to say about it (= the project) myself, because things worked out very smoothly. A great project and documentation, a labor of love, great photos and powerful message. A project backed-up by the photographer with great stories outside of the book perimeter. That kind of a project where nothing else can be really said about…Read more

Paul Musescu – s1xte6n

About two years ago I was preparing for another meeting with "Clasa de Fotografie" in the old Allkimik attic. I went to get a coffee from Alex at the bar and I saw a weird looking fellow, about 2 meters high with a huge metal camera in his hand. Nothing strange so far except the guy was very young. Usually you don’t expect someone young to shoot film on such old cameras. So I asked if he actually shoots with that camera and what was his age. We started talking. He asked about the meeting we…Read more