Measure twice, cut once

I finished selecting the photos that will be part of the sequence of TAP. Most of the project is completed. Incredibly hard job to be objective and subjective at the same time. Incredibly hard to do it all by yourself, even if you are very focused on what you have to say.

Thank God for friends and good valuable feedback. Things change, evolve, become better after applying valuable feedback; of course this happened in this case too, even if it’s not very easy to do the extra steps needed.

First time ever in a personal project I’ve set a deadline. Marked with a countdown timer, to be all official and stuff. Even with a new menu and page on this site. Hashtag: important. Hashtag: nowaybacknow. Not having any constrains in a photo project is indeed a luxury.

In my opinion photobook are must be a serious endeavor. Same as that saying: “Measure twice, cut once”. There is no second chance, no redo, not without consequences anyway (both conceptually and financially). Everything must be in place, everything must be close to perfect. Let’s say at 95% because the 5% is hazard, external factors beyond control.

Hashtag: fingerscrossed.