Cristina Garlesteanu – The Flight Odyssey

“This book is about them, about the ones for whom Flight is the essence of things. About the ones for whom Flight, the mastery of maneuvers and diving, the dizzying speeds and the sky are a purpose onto themselves, offering the unexpected reward of freeing the spirit from the body, from space and time…

The rest of us stay on the ground. But the dream of flying continues. Through them, for us.” – Cristina Garlesteanu

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“All is quiet, except for a few sleepless birds that pierce the graveyard silence with their melodious trills and chirps. The night fades out, slowly driven away by the first rays of light which have finally finished their journey to us. But their arrival is awe-inspiring. This is the hour when most people are not yet awake to contemplate the quiet, yet spectacular light show. And those who are awake, are in a rush to get to their jobs, unable to fully notice this colorful reverie.”

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