Oliver Merce – ACT OF FAITH

“In his black-and-white pictures, Oliver Merce tries to make the unseen seen, to interpret a vast range of gray shades. He attempts to translate this hidden, abstract thing called faith – more discreet than a mustard seed – into visual language. Through detailed close-ups alternating with wide-angle scenes, he tries to piece together the mystery of the indecipherable.” – Voicu Bojan

(photos: Oliver Merce)

Oliver Merce – ACT OF FAITH
Photography, concept: Oliver Merce
Essay: Voicu Bojan
Translation essay: Kristan MacDonald
Design, cover: Adrian Mihoc
Editor: Cristian Bassa

ISBN 978-973-0-39895-3
22x17cm, hardcover.
120 pages 150gsm matte paper, digital print.
78 black and white photos.
8 QR codes linked to audio files recorded on-site.
RO/EN text

You can buy the photobook and support the artist here: olivermerce@gmail.com.