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“Trying to stay sane.
I remembered I photographed some beautiful cats, a long long time ago. Maybe that will help.
I guess I want to edit, print and set them free onto the unsuspecting world, one more time.”

The Poetic Cats are tender and sweet; they watch the world with their mysterious eyes, keeping ancient secrets lost in the mists of time. Some say they protect us against all that is evil, like some sort of sacred guardians of life.

The Poetic Cats are torn by existential incertitude, they are sad and depressed, hurt by love; they write love letters, tear them apart, glue them back together and swear not to repeat the same mistake.

The Poetic Cats watch soap operas and wonder why John left Mary for Jake. They watch nocturnal talk shows about missing lady lawyers and fat fortune-tellers wearing towels wrapped around their heads. They admire human nature in all its splendor.

The Poetic Cats bathe in the warm sun rays, looking upon the fuss around them with disgust and indifference. From time to time they take a piercing look upon this disturbance we call the world. Then, slowly-slowly they go back and count how many lives they’ve got left. Not being very good with math, they always make mistakes. So they start again and again, over and over.

The Poetic Cats are warriors who fight for what they believe in. Nothing stands in their way. When they put their mind to something they get it done, no matter the consequences.

The Poetic Cats drink a lot, use foul words and catcall other cats until they fall flat, with their head in the food bowl.

In fact, The Poetic Cats represent the poetry in us all.
(13 November 2011 – 13 November 2022)

The Poetic Cats (Pisicile Poetice) was a charitable project, created for raising money for animal shelters (cats and dogs) via donations and print sales, for showing correct interaction between children and dogs, for raising awareness towards animal-assisted therapy (AAT) for people with special needs.
Alongside many beautiful, kind people, we made these events happen in various cities in Romania.
Photos of cats, raising money for dogs, helping kids.
Who would have thought?

qpb, 002, November 2022.
Limited Edition of 30, signed and numbered. Not for sale. Not linked with the charitable project mentioned above.
cover: 4 pages on 200gsm DCM in color digital print
interior: 32 pages on 115gsm DCM in color digital print
binding: 2 staple binding
Editor, concept, photos: Cristian Bassa
Secret order form (do not share it with anyone): https://forms.gle/BYhyVCG4g67QFTd26

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