Update with grace and opulence

Well, after a few years on this site I guess it was time to start a series of decent blog entries. As a true portfolio site from 2016 one must have singles, series, projects and also a blog where one could blabber with grace and opulence. So there will be some posts – photography related. Hope you find them interesting. For any suggestion or opinions feel free to use the email in the Contact section.

Lately I have been shooting more photos than usual. Some good, most of them bad. The interweb doesn’t feel like the right place to showcase them. So you will see less and less of  those photos as bits and bytes.

I’ve been main editor and pool boy of Oitzarisme Magazine for a few years now and it’s been an amazing ride with ups and downs. But mostly ups. And lots of work, emails, coffee and wasted nights for keeping alive a project that is non-profit, quality-driven, photographer-friendly while reader-oriented. Exhibitions and storytelling-meetings needed to be done so photographers and great projects get the attention they need and deserve.

And I’ve been keeping regular meetings with Clasa De Fotografie – photography oriented meetings – with some amazing people that never cease to blow me away. More about some of them in the next blog entry.